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APCC Held the ‘APCC Climate Information Services Technical Workshop’
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the “APCC Climate Information Services Technical Workshop” at APCC on 6 – 7 October 2020 in Busan, Korea. This workshop aimed to promote the use of APCC’s climate prediction and information services in Korea and to effectively increase the utilization capacity of climate information. 18 university (graduate) students and researchers in the field of climate information production and utilization of related domestic institutions and universities participated in the workshop. In this workshop, APCC researchers introduced the theories behind APCC’s climate prediction and conducted practical training sessions on how to use APCC climate information services. During the training workshop, participants were able to directly communicate with the APCC researchers to answer their questions on APCC climate information services. On the first day of the workshop, there was a presentation entitled ‘Introduction to APCC’s Climate Prediction and Information Services’. After that, the participants had a chance to learn how to use the ‘Climate Information Service Platform’ (, which allows climate information users to select and utilize a wider variety of climate data. Participants also learned about the ‘Climate Information Processing system’ (CLIPs,, which enables users to extract and reprocess necessary data for each region, variable, and period set by the user. On the second day, there was a session on the ‘Open Web Processing Service’ (OpenWPS,, a climate data interface service offering both a visualization service based on climate data and area boundary information for detailed data extraction based on geographic information. Following the introduction to climate prediction information offered on the APCC homepage (, participants had a chance to learn how to use the ‘CLimate Information toolKit’ (CLIK,, which enables its users to produce customized climate prediction information. This new technical workshop combines sessions from previously held APCC training workshops. APCC plans to hold the APCC Climate Information Services Technical Workshop annually for users of APCC's climate information service in Korea and abroad.​
Date : 2020.10.13
APCC Held a Virtual Bilateral Cooperation Meeting with CWB.
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held a Virtual Bilateral Cooperation Meeting with Central Weather Bureau (CWB) on 6 October 2020 to discuss climate information utilization in the Asia-Pacific region.The meeting discussed measures to improve the reliability of APCC’s climate prediction information and ways to promote the use of APCC’s climate information services in the Asia-Pacific region.CWB also generates and provides climate information, which is sent and incorporated into APCC’s Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) climate information. CWB is also a user of APCC’s climate information services, making CWB a direct stakeholder in the production and provision of APCC’s climate prediction information.At this bilateral cooperation meeting, CWB provided suggestions for improvements to APCC’s climate information contents and APCC provided suggestions to improve CWB’s climate model that is included in APCC's MME.The meeting also allowed for discussions around APCC’s role and direction for expanding the use of climate information services in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as bilateral cooperation opportunities between APCC and CWB.This virtual cooperation meeting allowed APCC and CWB to share, understand, and provide feedback on each organization’s planned improvements to their climate information in the future.Through implementing some of the recommendations from this meeting, APCC's climate information service will enhance consumer confidence and satisfaction and increase the use of climate information in the Asia-Pacific Region. This will contribute to the utilization of climate information to prepare for extreme climate in the Asia-Pacific region and reduce human and property losses due to natural disasters.
Date : 2020.10.13
The APEC Climate Center Held the APCC Working Group Meeting 2020
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the first virtual APCC Working Group Meeting 2020 with 10 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Member Economies.At this meeting, representatives from the National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMSs) from 10 APEC member economies shared their current status of climate prediction and services and the status of extreme events in recent years, including communication strategies. Based on this, the meeting participants of APEC member economies and APCCd had the chance to present opinions on use and improvement of climate prediction and its information provision service and to discuss the right direction of climate service.By so doing, the meeting participants tried to find ways to effectively monitor and respond to extreme events across the Asia-Pacific region and to produce and use the necessary climate prediction information in order to cope with them.The meeting was attended by climate forecasting and service working groups from the National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMSs) from 10 APEC member economies including Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, and the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). The meeting was chaired by Mr. LimZe Hui, Director of the Technical Training Division at the Malaysian Meteorological Department. 7 participants, including Dr. Won-Tae Kwon, the Executive Director, attended this meeting from APCC.The APEC Climate Center collected opinions from the working group members on the use of APCC's climate prediction and provision services to improve it in the future. Strengthening cooperation with APEC member economies to enhance climate prediction capabilities, will also elevate climate information users’ satisfaction related to APCC’s extreme climate event monitoring information across the Asia-Pacific region.The APCC Working Group is made up of representatives from the National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMSs) from all APEC Member Economies and relevant participating institutions. The Working Group members facilitate the exchange of regional climate information, particularly climate prediction information among the APEC member economies. The group works closely with the APCC Climate Research Department in the improvement of the multi-model ensemble (MME) forecasting system and for the development of new forecast application areas.
Date : 2020.10.12