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APCC Hosted the Seminar in Conjunction with Local Communities


The APEC Climate Center held a seminar on ‘Career Education in conjunction with local communities’ presented by Ms. Park Hee-Ja, a director of the Haeundae-Gu Career Education Center, in the Lotus Hall at the APCC’s headquarters in Busan on February 28, 2019.


The seminar was held to inspire APCC staff to create opportunities and contribute to community. It aims to motivate APCC researchers and staff to participate in the career education programs conducted by the Haeundae-Gue Career Education Center for elementary, middle and high school students in local communities, and to advise the staff on how to participate in the programs.


During the seminar, Ms. Park presented topics on ‘the definition of career education’, ‘the need of participation by public institutions in career education’, ‘the role of career education center’, ‘A way to participate in career education’ and ‘Career education programs.’ Furthermore, ‘the effective lecture methods of career education for students’ was delivered to the participants in the seminar.