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Our seasonal forecasts are issued on the 20th of each month. In the case that the 20th falls on a weekend or national holiday, they are issued on the closest workday.



Climate Outlook for June - November 2020

(Issued: 20 May, 2020)

○  During April 2020, weak positive sea surface temperature anomalies were observed over the equatorial Pacific.

○  The latest APCC ENSO outlook suggests 62% probability for ENSO neutral conditions during June – August 2020 and 48% probability for La Niña conditions with a weak level during September – November 2020.

○ ​ Strongly enhanced probability for above normal temperatures is predicted over the North Pacific (excluding equatorial regions), subtropical Atlantic, and the eastern Indian Ocean for June – November 2020.

○ ​ Enhanced probability for above normal precipitation is predicted for southeastern Australia, whereas below normal precipitation is predicted for the eastern equatorial Atlantic and the southern Indian Ocean near Madagascar for June – November 2020.