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APCC Held An Annual New Year Ceremony for The Year 2023
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held an annual New Year Ceremony for the year 2023 on January 2nd, 2022.This ceremony was held to celebrate the hard work of APCC’s employees during the year 2022 and to look forward to 2023.During the ceremony, the following awards were distributed: Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Service Award, Outstanding Paper Award, Best Employee Award, 10 Years of Service PlaqueAfter the award ceremony, APCC’s Executive Director Do-Shick Shin shared his vision on strategic alignment and direction of projects and programs for the year 2023 with researchers and staffs during his greetings. Then, the Ethics Charter and Integrity Pledge Proclamation Ceremony was held. APCC’s Executive Director Do-Shick Shin said, "I really appreciate all of the hard work you have done in the year of 2022. Let's do our best to achieve even better performance and further the development of APCC in 2023 based on our past achievements.”■ Commendation by the Korean Minster of Science and ICT - Ms. Sangwon Moon (Head, External Affairs Department)■ Outstanding Employee Award : - Dr. Jinyoung Rhee (Research Fellow) - Mr. Soonjo Yoon (Researcher) - Ms. Suhee Han (Staff)■ Outstanding Service Award:Application of APCC deep learning-based 1-month temperature probabilistic prediction model to Korean Meteorological Administration’s 1-month forecast - Dr. Seongkyu Lee (Research Fellow) - Mr. Soonjo Yoon (Researcher) - Dr. Ok-Yeon Kim (Research Fellow) - Ms. Yoorim Jung (Researcher) - Ms. Gaeun Kim (Researcher)■ Outstanding Paper Award:1. “Advances and challenges of operational seasonal prediction in Pacific Island Countries” - Dr. Yun-Young Lee (Research Fellow) - Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn (Head, Prediction Research Department)2. “Climate risk management for the rainfed rice yield in Lao PDR using APCC MME seasonal forecasts - Ms. Sugyeong Park (Researcher) - Dr. Jong Ahn Chun (Research Fellow)■ Best Employee Award: - Mr. JaeWon Choi (Researcher) - Mr. Junmin Yoo (Staff) - Mr. Youngsup Cho (Staff)■ 10 Years of Service Plaque: - Mr. Jong Jin Lee (Head, Administration Department) - Dr. Yonghee Shin (Research Fellow) - Dr. Yoobin Yhang (Research Fellow) - Dr. Jong Ahn Chun (Research Fellow) - Dr. Jeongmin Han (Research Fellow) - Ms. Eunjeong Lee (Researcher) - Dr. Hyunju Lee (Researcher) - Ms. Daeun Jeong (Researcher) - Ms. Bora Kang (Staff)​
Date : 2023.01.03
APCC Delegation Visited Vanuatu to Discuss Further Cooperation between APCC and the Vanuatu Government in the Area of Agro-climate Service
A delegation from APEC Climate Center (APCC) ,led by APCC Executive Director Mr. Do-Shick Shin, visited Vanuatu from 4th and 6th December 2022, to see APCC and the Vanuatu Klaemet Infomesen blong Redy, Adapt mo Protekt (VanKIRAP)’s joint agricultural climate risk management initiatives in the field, and to discuss further cooperation between APCCand the Vanuatu Government in the area of agro-climate services.VanKIRAP​ aims to promote the application of climate information in the five climate change sensitive sectors of Vanuatu, including tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, water resources and fisheries. It was proposed by SPREP to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as a project supported by the GCF funds with APCC as an implementing agency.APCC will be responsible for increasing the resilience against risks and disasters in the agriculture sector due to climate change, such as floods, droughts, pests and disease, through the application of climate information.Executive Director Shin held a high-level meeting Wednesday at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila with the Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB), Nako Natuman and a delegation that included the Directors of the Department of Livestock and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).The objective of the meeting was to discuss the visions and goals of MALFFB for agricultural climate adaptation, and how APCC can contribute to Vanuatu’s vision.The APCC delegation’s visit continued with high-level talks with the Ministry of Climate Change, and a hands-on training session with some of APCC’s agro-climate tools.
Date : 2022.12.22
APCC and TMD Co-hosted the APEC Climate Symposim (APCS) 2022
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) and Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) co-hosted the APEC Climate Symposium (APCS) 2022 on 15-16 September 2022 with the main theme of ‘Enhancing APEC Resilience through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application in Climate Change Adaptation’. The event was held in a hybrid format (online/offline in Cha-Am, Thailand) in cooperation with TMD.APCS 2022 provided a unique opportunity to share the recent advancement of AI applications in climate change adaptation and engage in discussion with experts from government, academia, private sector on utilizing AI towards the resilient APEC.During the opening session of APCS 2022, the opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Caiwut Thankamanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy Society, Thailand.The APEC Climate Symposium 2022 was composed of 2 panel discussion sessions. The main topic of the first panel discussion, held on 15 September 2022, was ‘ Tracking Climate Change with AI’. The main topic of the second panel discussion session, held on 16 September 2022, was ‘Application of AI towards the resilient APEC’. APCS 2022 was closed with the closing remarks, virtually delivered by Executive Director Do-Shick Shin from APEC Climate Center on 16 September, 2022.APCC hosts the APCS annually to facilitate knowledge exchange on the latest climate prediction techniques in the region and beyond. APCS also builds capacity for climate adaptation and provides a venue for interaction amongst the world’s leading scientists, researchers, meteorological services, decision makers, and other stakeholders. Themes related to climate prediction and its applications are developed each year which guide the organized sessions and presentations. ​Meanwhile, APCC and TMD co-hosted the APCC Working Group Meeting 2022 on 14 September 2022 prior to APCS 2022 with face-to-face non-face-to-face mixing method to discuss the improvement of the quality of APCC climate information service and cooperative measures for this, and to share issues related to climate prediction and services in the APEC region
Date : 2022.09.19