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Climate Service Toolkit

APEC Climate Center provides climate information services by which users can effectively utilize various climate data.

Climate Services Platform

CLIK(CLimate Information toolKit,

CLIK is APCC's new climate service integration platform and supports an enhanced user experience for climate information through a consistent user interface. CLIK helps users to access climate information through various methods, such as web pages, Open APIs, and traditional shell scripts. The key services in CLIK include

Climate Information Provision Service

Download APCC climate information data.

Climate Information Production Service

Produce customized multi-model ensemble forecast and station-based downscaling forecast through user-defined combinations of climate models. Also, produce statistical downscaling and evaluation information for seasonal forecasts and climate change scenarios.

Climate Information Processing Service

Extract and composite climate data for specific regions, variables, and periods, as well as masking features to enable precise climate data extraction.