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Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)

PPSTI, the Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation, is one of several working groups under APEC. The PPSTI’s mission is to support the development of science and technology cooperation as well as effective science, technology, and innovation policy recommendations in APEC through collaboration between government, academia, private sectors and other APEC fora.

Formerly known as the Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (ISTWG), the partnership was formed in 2012, when APEC agreed to broaden the group’s mandate to include innovation policy development and to intensify cooperation among governments, businesses and academia. When the ISTWG was renamed to the PPSTI, a new terms of reference outlining the PPSTI’s mandate and goals was endorsed.

Major areas of Cooperation in PPSTI

Guided by the goal of building an open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful Asia-Pacific community by 2040, to contribute to the Putrajaya Vision & Aotearoa Plan of Action, PPSTI will work towards the following concrete actions and goals.

  1. Identify ways to support inclusive resilience and recovery by utilising science, technology and innovation systems, including through capacity building;
  2. Explore new and emerging technologies and more broadly STI for the role that they play in supporting resilience and recovery solutions to stimulate growth, connectivity and digital transformation;
  3. Address challenges and barriers to achieving an enabling inclusive open, fair and non discriminary digital and innovation environment, to help promote benefits for people in the Asia-Pacific region;
  4. Collaborate to develop policy recommendations which support an innovative research-to-commercialization environment, including through frameworks and understandings on best practives that encourage the development, application, uptake and management of new technologies;
  5. Promote ecosystems that support businesses and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to take advantage of the digital economy; and
  6. Enhance STI capacity building in sustainable and innovative growth through workshops and projects at the individual level and institutional level that support knowledge, skills, and uptake of innovation outputs.
  7. Promote the important role of business sector in the innovation activities in the research sector, and creating innovation-friendly policy environment to facilitate various kinds of enterprises to make more achievements in innovation.

Role of the APEC Climate Center in PPSTI

The APEC Climate Center is one of the APEC-endorsed Centers under PPSTI, and is the only Center in the climate science field among about 25 Centers endorsed by APEC. The APEC Climate Center participates in the PPSTI meeting twice a year to report on the achievements and plans of APEC project, and promotes successful projects every yyear with support and feedback from member economies.

The APEC Climate Center holds the APEC Climate Symposium every year as part of the APEC project, and is well recognized as a major event in the climate field in APEC.

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