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MME Model data Providers

APCC produces and services reliable three- to six-month climate forecast information using the Multi-Model Ensemble(MME) technique. To this end, 15 organizations in 11 economies around the world send monthly climate forecasting model data to APCC. We produce high-quality climate information by correcting the systematic erros of the collected data through the Multi-Model Ensemble technique, which provided in real time through the website.

The MME model data providers play an important role in APCC’s production of climate information. We share the improvement status of each model through biennial meetings, and we are working together to iprove the climate prediction system of APCC.

★ Multi-Model Ensemble (MME)

A technique to increase the accuracy of climate predictions by eliminating erros by integrating prediction information from each climate prediction models

MME Model Data Providing Agencies

BSISO Forecast Model Data Providers

Since 2013, APCC has been producing and servicing the Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation (BSISO) forecast for the first time in the world. The S2S(Subseasonal to Seasonal) climate information is forecasted over a range of two weeks to two months that can cause severe damage to people due to the most frequent extreme climate events such as droughts and floods.

We produce BSISO information, that is information on convection phenomena that occur in the Indian Ocean every 15 to 60 days and gradually move eastward and at the same time move northward with various structures, affecting the onset of the summer monsoon, atmospheric circulation, and weather in the Asian region. We provide services through our website from May to October every year. BSISO information provides 6 individual model data including APCC’s model.

Reliable S2S information can be used by developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region to prepare risks in advance for agriculture, water resources, health, energy and disaster management.

BSISO Model Data Providing Agencies

Bureau of Meteorology, Central Weather Administration, APCC, NCEP, European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts 호주기상청 대만기상청 해양대기청 유럽중기기상예보센터

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