APCC logo


The circle symbolizing the world is comprised of unlimited cells that represent climate information and innovation technologies. The line cutting through the circle symbolizes the critical network that connects the efforts of the Asia-Pacific region to the world. Thus, the logo represents the paramount value of APCC playing a leading role in enhancing prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region through supporting the innovation and sharing of information and technology, in the field of climate.


APCC 로고 이미지 가로, 세로
  1. APCC’s Logo is the main component that represents APCC’s image. Therefore, the logo and the font’s thickness and proportion must not be altered.
  2. The color and brightness of the logo should not be altered. In the case where the color is changed slightly due to the printing environment, you should follow the regulated color as much as possible. In some cases, the logo may be used in grayscale color.
  3. It is preferred to use the vertical format but if necessary, it is acceptable to use the horizontal format.