The APEC Climate Center is a specialized
research institution in climate prediction.

MME Temperature

  • 기온1
  • 기온2

MME Precipitation

  • 강수1
  • 강수2
  • East Asia prospects

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    • 동아시아2
    • 동아시아3
    • 동아시아4
  • ENSO Alert

  • Climate Monitoring

    • 동아시아2
    • 동아시아3
    • 동아시아4
    • 동아시아4
    • 동아시아4
    • 동아시아4
  • CLIK

    • The user can freely select climate models, prediction variables, forecast regions, and analysis techniques on a web interface to generate the climate prediction information they desire.


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Model Data Providers

The APEC Climate Center collects climate prediction model data from 15 institutions in 11 countries worldwide. It adjusts systematic errors through ensemble techniques between models, providing high-quality climate information in real-time through the APEC Climate Center website.

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