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In recent years, extreme climate events such as heavy rain, droughts, heat and cold waves have been increasing in frequency, leading to massive damages. Under the circumstances of climate crisis, it is becoming more and more crucial to produce and effectively utilize high-quality climate prediction information for monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting extreme climate events and to respond to them through international climate cooperation.​

And therefore, APCC increases the accuracy and reliability of climate prediction information by using state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology etc., while at the same time conducting research and development (R&D) on the analysis and prediction technology for global climate change.​

In addition to producing and providing high-quality climate prediction Information, APCC has become a hub for climate information in the Asia-Pacific and a world-renowned authority on climate prediction as well.​

APCC has a vision to become a world-class climate prediction research institute. To realize this vision, APCC will make its best efforts as follows;

Firstly, APCC intends to raise global competitiveness of its state-of-art climate prediction technique to produce the highly-reliable climate prediction information.

Secondly, by virtue of technical cooperation and exchanges with global climate institutions as well as domestic ones, APCC intends to strengthen its role as the climate information hub enabling to produce and provide high-quality climate information.

Thirdly, APCC intends to promote the exchange and utilization of climate information and actively participate in climate change response efforts.

Lastly, APCC intends to contribute to technological innovation and enhance international status of domestic climate prediction through technological development and the support for the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)’s climate service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank KMA and other global and domestic partners who have strongly supported APCC.

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