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APEC Climate Center and DMC Co-hosted the 2019 Training Workshop on Climate Information Tool Kit (CLIK)

The APEC Climate Center (APCC) and the Chile National Meteorological and Hydro-meteorological Service (DMC) co-hosted the 2018 training workshop on the Climate Information ToolKit (CLIK) at the DMC building, Santigo, Chile from 28 to 30 August 2019. The training program was held for 15 participants from DMC in the field of climate prediction.


The workshop was held to provide climate prediction researchers with training on how to utilize and apply CLIK, which is a user-oriented climate prediction information system developed by APCC. The participants were able to directly learn how to utilize CLIK for seasonal prediction from APCC researchers.


APCC aimed to support meteorological services and climate prediction research institutes during the training workshop, so that they can independently train their specialists in seasonal prediction. By utilizing CLIK (, countries in the Asia-Pacific region can easily produce reliable downscaled seasonal prediction information. With this information, countries will be capable of handling natural disasters such as a floods and droughts, and therefore, enhance their abilities for climate change adaptation.