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APCC Commenced the New Pilot Platform-Based Climate Information ToolKit Service (

The APEC Climate Center (APCC) commenced the new pilot Platform-Based Climate Information ToolKit service,CLIK ,( on July 31, 2020 to enable users of climate information services to select and utilize more diverse climate information. This new service runs parallel to the existing CLIK service that provides customizable downscaled MME climate information (


This new CLIK ( enables climate information users to select and download data from the APCC Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) prediction, individual participating models, and Regional Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5 (CMIP5) according to the user’s needs.   


In this system, APCC has adopted and introduced new data transmission methods such as wget and Open Application Program Interface (API), so that users can easily receive data.


APCC welcomes user feedback from the new CLIK pilot service and will work to utilize the feedback to further improve the new CLIK service until its official launch ( APCC also plans to add climate prediction & verification, and climate data processing functions to the new CLIK service by the end of 2020. Through the development of this service, APCC hopes to further strengthen its climate information provision services tailored to the needs of information users.  ​