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Météo-France becomes a member of the APCC Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) prediction

Météo-France became a member of the APCC Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) prediction in January 2021. Météo-France originally informally expressed their interest to join the APCC MME towards the end of 2019 and after the completion of some official procedures, the Météo-France MF Sys 7 model will be included in the FMAMJJ APCC MME climate outlook. 


With the addition of Météo-France as one of the APCC MME Participation Agencies, APCC now collects climate forecast information from 15 leading climate forecasting centers and institutes in 11 countries.


The Météo-France forecast system, MF Sys 7, consists of ARPEGE (atmospheric model) and NEMO (ocean model).


Details regarding the forecast information from Météo-France, such as model description and forecast figures, can now be found on the APCC Climate Information Services page: Users can also download the data through the CLIK service: