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Climate Service Toolkit

We operate various climate information services in order to help users more effectively utilize the climate data which are produced, collected and processed by APCC.

Climate Information Provision Tool

· ADSS(APCC Data Service System,
The ADSS provides digitized climate information which is produced, collected and processed by APCC.
(ADSS will be closed after December 2020.)

· CLIK(CLimate Information toolKit,
A platform-based climate data service that allows you to download APCC climate information in various ways.
(As an alternative service for ADSS, an open beta service is currently available.)

Climate Information Production Tool

· CLIK(CLimate Information toolKit,
The CLIK can produce customized MME forecast and station based downscaling forecast information through various climate model ensemble combinations.

· AIMS(APCC Integrated Modeling Solution,
The AIMS supports to produce statistical downscaling and evaluation information about seasonal forecast/climate change scenario.

Climate Information Processing Tool

· CLIPs(Climate Information Processing system,
The CLIPs provides functions to extract necessary data for specific regions including climate index and time-scale information.

· OpenWPS(Open Web Processing Service for climate science community,
The OpenWPS helps users generate masking information in order to extract precise climate data based on spatial information.