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APCC Commenced the Seasonal Outlook Service for East Asia
 In September 2019, the APEC Climate Center(APCC) commenced the 6-month seasonal outlook service for East Asia whose climate is closely intertwined with the climate of Korea. By doing so, APCC aims to promote the use of seasonal outlook information by Korean. APCC is currently providing the global outlook service through its homepage at     

 The seasonal outlook for East Asia is renewed and issued only in Korean for the climate information users in Korea every month on the 25th through APCC homepage (

 Based on the demand from APEC economies for seasonal outlook at longer lead times , APCC has extended its seasonal outlook service from 3 to 6 months since September 2013. The 6-month seasonal outlook can be applied to various sectors and is very useful for decision-making and supporting policy on disaster preparedness and climate adaptation. The forecasts also have potential for use in  estimating agricultural yields and managing water resources. ​